The name’s above. If by some accident or form of insanity you landed on this page and you want to learn more, be my guest. I’m not out to get your attention, I don’t know who you are and I’ve managed to live my life without us meeting and I can assure you that I can continue without. What I’ll tell you is – sit down, relax and read the blog, you might learn something and you might even enjoy it.

If you still want to continue reading this intro, here’s a couple of things about myself: I’ve got a bachelor degree in Management, masters degrees in Finance and European Projects and I use them to decorate a shelf. I’ve co-founded an IT company in 2012 named Scriptics and I’ve been working 16h a day ever since (that’s for all you cats that want to become company owners. Don’t! It’s a trap 🙂 )